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Oiling our boards

We really care about what we put on our boards. As well as protecting the wood, a great oil really enhances its natural beauty and makes the grain pop.

We love using #Osmo Top Oil. Food and dirt resistant, it provides a tough, durable, lasting finish with an excellent resistance against liquids such as water, juices, wine, coffee, beer and fizzy drinks. It's super easy to apply and it makes such a difference after just one coat. We generally use two coats, as we find it gives a really true finish (and to go over any bits that we missed the first time!)

We've found Osmo's High Solid Top Oil in Clear Satin looks great on our walnut boards - it brings a really deep, luxurious sheen, whereas the Clear Matt really works on the more rustic boards, like Pippy Oak.

We're also big fans of #Odies Wood Butter (which we sourced from #conkerwoodandmetalcrafts). This food-safe, solvent-free wax bring a tough, lustrous sheen after just one coat. It smells amazing (it's 100% natural) and is easy - and very satisfying - to apply using a cotton cloth.

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